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“Only taxpaying companies can carry arms”

14 Jan 2019 Afghanistan Times

KABUL: In another bold move to curb crime and gun violence,

the Interior Ministry has ruled that only registered companies paying taxes to

the finance ministry will be issued weapon permits.

MoI will issue weapons license only to those individuals registered

in the tax payers of the MoF, said a statement issued by MoI.

Three categories of tax payers were registered in the MoF,

big, medium and small tax payers, so the individuals and companies, who are not

enlisted with the MoF as tax payers their weapon license will be rescinded,

added the statement. 

Statement said that the individual or companies won’t

receive weapons license, till they did not reveal tax clearance letter of the


By holding new step regarding issuance of weapons license,

not only MoI helps increasing of national interest, but seeking clue about

complicated investment, which hidden from MoF, mentioned the statement.

Thousands of people under the pretext of self security

reinforcement against threats using private guards and hundred others asking

for weapon license in Kabul and different provinces, thus the MoI made new criteria

for taking weapon license.

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