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Territorial Army To Begin Mission In West

14 Jan 2019 Tolo News

Officials from 207 Zafar Military Corps in the west of Afghanistan on Monday said a number of soldiers from the territorial army will soon start a mission there. 

According to the military corps officials, 300 soldiers from the territorial army have finished three-months' training under the instruction of Afghan and foreign trainers and soon they will be stationed in their areas to defend the people and country against the militants. 

Major General Noorullah Qaderi, commander of 207 Zafar Military Corps, said the newly-trained soldiers will be stationed in a number of districts of western Herat and Ghor provinces and as they are familiar with their regions, will play a very effective role in maintaining security in those areas. 

“You are familiar with the landscape and know about the areas. Also, people are with you and if you want to gain people’s support, many people will support you,” said Qaderi to the soldiers. 

“The situation will change one hundred percent. The reason is that they are from those areas and they are familiar with the landscape. They will use all their abilities to support government forces,” Mohammad Haseb Akhundzada, commander of the 1st regiment of the military corps said. 

Military officials said these soldiers have undertaken extensive training and are able to suppress Taliban. 

“They have received general information about mines, unexploded devices, practical works and leadership taught by foreign advisors and after completing the training, they received graduation certificates,” Colonel Nazir Ahmad, commander of the training battalion of 207 Zafar Military Corps said. 

The territorial army soldiers meanwhile said, after starting their mission, they will not let Taliban infiltrate or be stationed in their areas. 

“For defending my people, I am ready to fight to the last drop of my blood,” Mohammad Osman, a soldier said. 

“I joined the territorial army to serve my people. We want the enemy to join in the peace process, otherwise they will be eradicated,” Mohammad Asif, another soldier said. 

“We will eradicate the enemy. We promise the people that we will fight the enemy to the last drop of our blood,” Amir Mohammad, a solider said.

The territorial army was formed after an order issued by President Ashraf Ghani last year. 

Ministry of Defense at the time said, based on the president's order, over 36,000 soldiers would be recruited for territorial army. 

Ministry of Interior also said that the territorial army would be similar to Afghan local police.

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