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Call For Foreigners' Camp Out Of Residential, Following Attack

15 Jan 2019 Tolo News

Following the deadly Monday evening vehicle bombing on a compound of foreign NGO’s in Kabul’s PD9, the residents of the area on Tuesday gathered in front of the compound and called government to remove the compound from the residential area. 

The compound, named Green Village, was established 10 years ago and so far, according to Ministry of Interior, has been targeted four times. 

Foreign NGOs are situated around and inside the compound and a number of foreigners also live there. 

Green Village compound is located among the houses of the people east of the Afghan capital, Kabul city. In the attack, many local residents were wounded, some killed and many houses destroyed. 

“The people lost everything they had. Because of this camp, every house suffered hundreds of thousands of AFs damage, and a youth was killed from one of the houses,” Zamarai, a local resident said. 

Another angry local resident, Mohammad Azim, meanwhile warned they would set the camp on fire if it was not removed from the area.

“We will set in this camp on fire. Every year we suffer casualties here,” Azim said. 

Ghulam Dastgir, another local resident, whose house was destroyed in the attack said they spent all night trembling. “All the family spent the night in the cold weather. Now I have brought plastic to cover the holes,” he said. 

On Monday evening at a round 7pm local time, a huge explosion rocked Kabul city. The attack, which has been claimed by Taliban, left four killed and 114 wounded. Ministry of Interior said among those killed, three are soldiers and one is a civilian. However, on Tuesday local residents said two civilians had been killed.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs meanwhile on Tuesday in a statement said that an Indian national was among those killed in the attack. The ministry, however, did not give details about the Indian national. 

Most of those wounded are civilians including children and women. The explosion was so huge that it destroyed most of the nearby houses. 

The explosion broke windows a few kilometers away and was heard almost throughout the entire city. Many people were wounded by glass from broken windows. 

The wounded children have been transferred to Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital and accompanied by their wounded mothers. 

In one family, 14 of them were injured. Maryam, who is only nine months old and the youngest member of the family, sustained injuries to her head. Her mother, Wahida, who also sustained injuries, brought Maryam to the hospital for treatment. “Broken glass poured over us. Me, my four daughters, my husband, my father and mother-in-laws and their six daughters sustained many injuries,” said Wahida. 

“We looked at her face, drops of blood were coming out of her face and head,” Shahnaz, another injured old woman said. She had brought her wounded granddaughter to the hospital for treatment.  

Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital officials said only 30 of the wounded children had been transferred to this hospital. 

The older injured people were transferred to Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan hospital, another big health facility in Kabul city. 

Those unconscious and wounded used to be transferred to the 4th floor of the hospital by lifts. But two lifts have been not working in the past few days, which added another challenge for both the wounded and doctors. 

An injured man reacting to the attack said it was an “inhuman” act. “What they did is not something that a human being does. Even animals do not commit such actions,” Aimal, a wounded person said. 

Wahid is another resident of the area. “One of my brothers died in the hospital. He has been taken to the cemetery. Another is badly injured,” he said. 

Another local resident, Hayatullah, said his brother was married four months ago, but was killed in the Monday bombing. “I pulled my brother and shook him, but he did not move. When I turned his face, his face was broken apart,” he said.

The Monday evening attack was condemned by President Ashraf Ghani and diplomatic missions including the US embassy in Kabul and India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

This is not the first time that local residents have asked government to move foreign camps from residential areas. In November another camp was attacked in PD9. The camp was located in the industrial park. 

That camp came under the same kind of attack as Green Village. The truck bombing destroyed nearby factories and they suffered millions of AFs damage. 

Local residents and factory owners asked government to remove the camp from the area.

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