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Live: Rescuing Brexit deal, Greek government, Macron addresses troops

17 Jan 2019 euronews

Good morning, Europe. Today we're watching:

Brexit: UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government survived a vote of no-confidence on Wednesday. It now paves the way for May to establish a Brexit agreement that would forge a consensus among MPs. However, with the opposition Labour party saying it would not engage in talks with May until she ruled out a no-deal Brexit, it could prove a difficult task ahead.

Greek Government: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras survived a vote of no-confidence on Wednesday. Tsipras called the vote following the resignation of Defence Minister Panos Kammenos and his right-wing Independent Greeks' party over an accord to end a long dispute between Greece and Macedonia by changing Macedonia's name

Emmanuel Macron addresses French troops: Emmanuel Macron delivers an annual message to French armed forces. It is one of a series of speeches given by Macron in January laying out his vision for the year.

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