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Candidate preliminary list

24 Feb 2019 Independent Election Commission (IEC)

Candidate preliminary list

IEC checked out and verified the documents of all potential presidential candidates of 2019 Presidential Election and announces that eighteen presidential candidates have found way to the preliminary list. In accordance with the Constitution and Article 38 of the Electoral Law, the potential candidate completed the imposed conditions and requirements and there was no problem in their documents.

During the course of this verifications, it is cleared to IEC that the provided information on the movable and immovable assets of these candidates and the list of 100,000 Voters that their Tazkeras were certified along with the fingerprint from 20 province were complete. And provided the receipt of one million deposited Af, to the bank, and as well as before the publication of this list, IEC has sent a letter to the concerned authorities on the purpose of verification of the candidates and their deputies sole Afghanistan citizenship and birth certification of Afghan parents, and this information is provided to IEC after the specified timeline.

List of candidates is as follow:

First Voice President

Presidential Candidate

Second Voice President

Mohammad Ahsan Haidari

Abdul Latif Pedram

Mohammad Sadiq Wardak

Khadija Ghaznawi

Haji Mohamad Abrahim Alakozai

Dr. Sayed Sami Kayani

Abdul Jabar Taqwa

Dr. Zalmai Rasool

Ghulam Ali Wahdat


Pohand Professor Doctor Ghulam Faruq Nijrabi

Mohammad Sharif Babekarkhail

Pohandual Sayed Qias Sayedi

Dr. Faramarz Tamana

Dr. Mohammad Amin Reshad

Abdul Basir Salangi

Shaida Mohammad Abali

Zulfaqar Omaid

Dr. Abdul Hadi Zulhekmat

Noorahman Liwal

Mohammad Yahia Wiar

Janat Khan Chakari

Anaiatullah Hafiz

Abdul Jamil Shairani

Abudul Ali Srabi

Mohmmad Shahab Hakimi

Doctor Noorullhabib Hasir

Pohand Dr. Farida Mohmmand

Ahmad Wali Masoud

Abdul Latif Nazari

Mohamad Nadershah Ahmadzai

Mohammad Hakim Tursan

Doctor Diploma  Engineer Shafiullah Qaisari

Morad Ali Morad

Rahmatullah Nabil 

Dr. Masooda Jalal

Pohandwi Dr. Fazalhadi Wazin

Engineer Gullbodin Hekmatyar  

Mufti Hafizurhaman Naqi

Abdul Khalil Arman

Sayed Noorullah Jalili

Chiragh Ali Chiragh

Dr . Anaiatullah Babur Frahmand

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Asadullah Sadaat

Amrullah Sahleh

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

Ghulam Sarwar Danish

Mohammad Yones Qanoni

Mohammad Anif Atmar 

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq

Bashir Ahammd Baizhan

Noorullhaq Aolomi

Mohammad Naim Ghaiur

This is not the final list. After this, the Electoral Complaints Commission will begin their assessments. Whenever a person or group objections or complaint against any candidate, they can file it with the Electoral Complaints Commission. If there are complaints or objections on a candidate, the candidate can appeal. After the election commission's assessment, the final list of candidates for the presidential election will be announced by IEC.

After the final list of the candidates announced and published, on July 29, 2019, the candidate will compete with each other, if no candidate gains fifty plus one, in case two of the leading candidates contest in the second round (Run off).

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