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Principle of Republic System Non-Negotiable, CE Abdullah

13 Mar 2019 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stresses on what he said the constitutional legitimacy of the republic system and that the issue would not be negotiable, Bakhtar News Agency said Monday.

Chairing the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (CM), the CE said: “The principle of the republicanism was confirmed at the country’s constitution and that no deal would be made in this area.”

“If we underestimate the republicanism of the system and voting rights then there wouldn’t be no other solution. Peace will not come off, if we ignore some issues,” said the country’s Chief Executive.

He said there was no disagreement on the main principle of the country’s system to be republic and the armed oppositions have exploited political parties’ stances.

According to Dr. Abdullah, Taliban were dreaming their past as witnesses show, but he said they were optimism for peace negotiation in the country, said the agency.

Other issues related to security have also been discussed at the CM meeting, with the country’s minister of defense sharing a report saying over 440 militants dead and preparation were made to counter militancy in the coming spring.

The minister said about the joint contribution of the Daesh and Haqqani Network to launch the latest mortar attack on the gathering in Kabul, as such contribution they have had in the past, according to the agency. Attended at the meeting the minister of interior presented a draft plan on the homeless addicts to be provided with a 500-bed treatment center in Herat province and confirmed by the council members.

Assessing the issues at the council of ministers, according to the agency, Dr. Abdullah gave them the needed directions.

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