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Breakthrough in TIR Convention: First shipment from Afghanistan arrives India

13 Mar 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The first shipment on TIR (Transports Internationaux

Routiers) from Afghanistan to India through Iran Chabahar Port arrived at the

port of Nhava Sheva, Mumbai and Mundra on Wednesday, Indian media reported.

India joined the TIR Convention on 15th June 2017. The

convention allows goods to be outlined in a TIR carnet and sealed in load

compartments. Customs verify the carnet and check the seals, with no need for

physical checking of the contents, enabling shipments to pass through countries

without being opened at borders.  

Welcoming the arrival of the maiden shipment, Pranab Kumar

Das, Chairman, Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC), Department

of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India said that the TIR

convention will help in fast and easy movement of goods across multiple

countries under a common customs document and guarantee. “Reciprocal

recognition of customs controls is at the heart of the Convention. This enables

a facilitative and non-intrusive environment for multi-modal transport of goods

through several countries. The convention will help in boosting India’s exports

and enable greater participation in the global value chains. We will leverage

technology to make the movement more secure and facilitative. I urge our

exporters to use this facilitative system to make our exports more

competitive,” he added.

Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General at FICCI said, “TIR will

play a pivotal role in improving ease of doing business and pave the way for

smoother and safer transport of goods across international borders and will

help boost trade between India, Central Asia, Europe and Russia. It will act as

a strong catalyst for moving goods using the multi-modal transportation route

like Chabahar and International North-South Transport (INSTC) Corridor. The

system is a win-win-win model for Customs, FICCI and the business community.”

IRU Secretary General, Umberto Pretto said, “The opening of

Chabahar Port for TIR is hugely significant – offering connectivity for

landlocked countries, seamless border crossing facilitation and intermodal

capabilities. It also highlights how TIR has been chosen by these three

countries as a key tool to help activate the Chabahar transport agreement. The

operation will definitely open the door for activation of other intermodal

corridors such as International North South Transport Corridor – connecting

India to Central Asia, Russia and eventually Europe”.

FICCI has been appointed by the Central Board of Indirect

Taxes & Customs (CBIC), Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance,

Government of India as National Issuing & Guaranteeing Association for its

operation in India like ATA carnet. The system is managed worldwide by the

International Road Transport Union (IRU), Geneva and overseen by the United

Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

More than 34,000 operators are authorized to use the TIR

system and in 2017 around 1.2 million TIR Carnets were issued worldwide.

Ultimately, the system facilitates and encourages international trade, and

thereby provides many advantages and benefits to the national economy by

simplifying the movement of national and international transport, giving access

to over 62 TIR operational countries.

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