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Kabul asks US to provide clarification on its long-term strategy, interests in Afghanistan

14 Mar 2019 1TV News

2019-03-14 | 49 second ago

Afghanistan's national security adviser on Wednesday called on the United States to provide clarification on what its long-term strategy and interests are in the Asian country.

Speaking at Hudson Institute, an American think-thank in New York, Hamdullah Mohib said that “our part of the world is still a hot bed of global threats.”

“We believe terrorism is a global problem that requires a long-term global response and Afghanistan is providing its location as a base in the region from which to counter this threat and its soldiers to fight this threat,” Mohib said.

He said that the Afghan government has been preparing for possible changes to the partnership with the US.

“ANDSF are defending our nation on their own and we have been working hard over the past five years to gradually absorb more financial responsibility for ANDSF and overall operating costs of our stat,” Mohib said.

He suggested that the reduction of US troops in Afghanistan should be in a “responsible and gradual” manner.

“This would allow us to gradually cover more costs, as we move to increase domestic revenue and to develop further human, military capacities and capabilities,” Mohib said.

Mohib noted that in January, President Ashraf Ghani wrote to US President Donald Trump requesting that “we engage in a coordinated effort to re-evaluate our partnership.”

The official also rejected the idea of privatization of war in Afghanistan.

“We will not allow anyone to turn our sacrifices and sufferings into a private, for-profit business,” Mohib said.

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