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EU: After decades of war, Afghanistan stands at the crossroads

14 Mar 2019 1TV News

2019-03-14 | 8 minute ago

Last year was the deadliest ever for civilians in Afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001 and 2019 could be the year of peace, said EU commissioner Naven Mimica on behalf of high representative and vice-president, Mogherini Federica.

The cooperation agreement on partnership and development cooperation between EU and Afghanistan was signed between Federica Mogherini and Afghanistan’s Minister of Finance, Eklil Hakimi on 18 February 2018 aimed at good governance, human rights, healthcare, migration, economic stabilization and social stabilization in Afghanistan.

“After decades of war, Afghanistan stands at the crossroads. Last year was the deadliest ever for civilians since the start of the war in 2001. The situation on the ground remains worrying and innocent Afghan men, women and children continue to suffer from conflicts.” said Neven Mimica.

“EU is committed to supporting theAfghan peace process as high representative Mogherini made a concrete 5-point offer to Afghanistan last November at the Geneva conference about how the European Union could support a peace deal: first, we can help make the peace process more inclusive; second, we can assist with reforms, including in the security sector; third, we can help with the reintegration of former fighters and their families; fourth, we can act as a guarantor of a possible peace agreement; and fifth, we can promote regional trade and connectivity.” further added Naven Mimica.

EU further emphasized that it will continue to work together with the international community to support a better electoral process for this year's presidential elections in Afghanistan and exploring ways how to adapt the existing development programmes to peace scenario.

United States and Taliban have been negotiating about the international troops’ withdrawal and counter-terrorism commitments since September last year, but we know that lasting peace will take time and a quick agreement could not be a lasting one, said Naven Mimica.

EU said that Afghanistan has a unique chance for peace nowadays and Europeans will do all in their power to help the people of Afghanistan turn this opportunity into a sense of truly sustainable and lasting peace. and

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