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Abdullah says interim government could be discussed in talks with Taliban

14 Mar 2019 1TV News

2019-03-14 | 11 minute ago

Afghanistan's Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has said that forming an interim government could be discussed in peace talks with the Taliban.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with 1TV, Abdullah, however, said that there would be no agreement without Taliban agreeing election.

“If it is part of plan to reach peace and an arrangement to transition from this phase, then I would agree to it,” Abdullah said of interim government.

Abdullah said that the upcoming presidential election, scheduled for July, should be held on time.

“Suppose (peace) talks continue for two years, three years or one year and the election be postponed for them, wouldn’t we face questions that we postponed it for our government to continue?” Abdullah asked.

Abdullah said that the Taliban were responsible for prolonging of war in Afghanistan. He said that the Taliban were not ready yet to enter into talks with the Afghan government.

The official said that the Afghan government and politicians could negotiate together with the Taliban.

As US has held five rounds of talks with the Taliban, Abdullah said that the international community is not after a “conspiracy” against Afghanistan or a deal that would ignore Afghans’ views.

“Ignoring the Afghan government would also lead to nowhere,” Abdullah said.

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