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Promoting Renewable Energy in Afghanistan

14 Mar 2019 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

The Sixth

Renewable Energy Coordination Committee (RECC) met at the Afghan Ministry

of Energy and Water (MEW) in Kabul this


About 60 attendees,

including government officials and stakeholders from the private and public

sector, discussed trending issues in the energy sector, such as the Afghan

government’s 2000 megawatt renewable energy package.

They also

presented recent achievements and provided a status update on current


The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Energy

Sector Improvement Program (ESIP) supported the event.

“Renewable energy can significantly reduce our reliance on imported energy from neighboring countries. We shall help each other in this matter and facilitate coordination between stakeholders in the energy sector. We should also find ways together to create job opportunities, particularly for women.” Said Afghan Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Gul Khulmi.

During the meeting,

experts presented the current progress in implementing the 2,000 megawatt renewable

energy package that the Afghan government recently initiated. The package shall

attract private investment to the solar energy sector to facilitate renewable

energy production.

‘The 2,000

megawatt package by the government is one of the largest measures for

electrifying Afghanistan in Afghan history. Indeed, with the implementation of

this programme, Afghanistan will be one of the biggest renewable energy

promoters in Asia,” said Deputy of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, Zabihullah


RECC’s main

goal is to coordinate the implementation of the Afghanistan National Renewable

Energy Policy (ANREP), addressing drawbacks in the sector and putting solutions

into effect. Renewable energy resources are an opportunity for Afghans,

especially in rural areas, to produce and access electricity.

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