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Editorial: Tribesmen killing

14 Mar 2019 Afghanistan Times

Though the Afghan government has announced probing killing

of eight Kabulkhel tribesmen at Beermal Paktika but certain circles in

neighbouring Pakistan are too much exploiting the matter with a view of further

gapping relations between the Pakhtoons, made disintegrated by the previous

British colonial rulers through controversial Durand Line. Couple of days back,

certain persons uniformed intruded into houses at village Rakha, situated just

on Durand Line. At least eight persons have been dragged into open fields in

the village and shot dead with automatic guns. The assailants after killing

eight persons have left the village and proceeded towards unknown destinations.

The elders in Beermal, along with elected representatives at Paktika have

confirmed the violent act whereas the Afghanistan government had announced

probing the matter. But on other side of Durand Line, tribesmen from both North

and South Waziristan have agitated the matter and demanding of Afghan

government for taking stern action against the responsible persons. Remaining

firm to previous tactics of didn’t losing any chance of polluting relations

with Afghanistan, certain circles within Pakistan including its media persons

from particular mindset are exploiting the violent act for meeting its nefarious

designs. The Afghan government has already denounced the act but these people

from particular mind set are bent up on to make it another pretext for further

pressing the already war stricken Afghans, either living in or outside

Pakistan. In fact, not only village Rakh in Tehsil Beermal but scores of other

villages and helmets are located just on Pak Afghan crossing points. No one can

neglect the fact that militants involved in deadly terrorist and violent acts

throughout Afghanistan are having sanctuaries and shelters along the crossings

in Pakistan controlled areas. In past time and again, innocent civilians have

time and again harmed by militants, camouflaging them as personnel of

Afghanistan National Army and Special Forces. Through such tactics, these

trouble makers at behest of their mentors and sponsors, sitting in neighbouring

countries have materialized their nefarious designs of continuing fuelling of

tension, violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. Contrary to Pakistan which

has always deprived the tribesmen of their just rights and behaving them as

“slaves,” Afghanistan and its people are honouring these people as honourable

and credible citizens. Since a long these tribesmen are being given equal

status. They are not only given equal education, health and employment

opportunities but even in political institutions they are being represented by

their elected parliamentarians. The tribesmen across the Durand Line who

are always used as ‘scapegoats’ first by previous British rulers and now by

their successors “civil-military establishment of Pakistan” needs to remain

peaceful, patient and cordial. The Afghan government and its people are

determined to make ensure safety to their interests and just rights of

survival. The Afghans themselves are badly affected by prolonged wars and

hostilities, imposed on them from abroad are desirous for peace and tranquility

not only inside Afghanistan but for all Pakhtoons of this regions. The

Pakhtoons, inside Pakistan were also subjected and are being subjected to worst

kind of terror and violence through one or the other ways. Afghanistan and its

people are determined to serve the Pakhtoons everywhere in the world. 

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