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“Democratic values and human rights. These are my red lines”

16 Mar 2019 Afghanistan Times

#MyRedLine – A social movement cataloguing where Afghan’s stand on women’s rights and peace. “Democratic values and human rights. These are my red lines” – Dr. Orzala

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KABUL: Farahnaz Forotan a Kabul-based journalist, in

partnership with UN Women Afghanistan launched “#MyRedLine” – an online campaign

cataloguing where Afghan’s stand on women’s rights and peace, harnessing the

voices of Afghan women and men on what matters most to them. 

Afghanistan has demonstrated significant progress in equal

access to women and men to participate in all parts of Afghan society from

education to the police, from media to medicine. #MyRedLine, a campaign by

Farahnaz Forotan, supported by UN Women Afghanistan, is an expression by Afghan

citizens of the human rights and women’s human rights, which they will not give

up and, which, they as citizens, will not negotiate, the UN Women said in a

statement sent to Afghanistan Times.

The campaign is built on a series of testimonies where people voice the lines they are not willing to cross,

be it the right to work, to drive, to marry whom they chose, to walk in the

streets, to go to school, to stand to be President of the nation – their ‘red


Farahnaz Forotan, journalist and #MyRedLine Campaign

Ambassador stated: As a journalist, I am privileged to listen to what people

have to say, to know what matters to them, to understand what they need. And

from this privileged position I can say that the Afghan citizens want a peace

they can all enjoy. And this is how this campaign “MyRedLine” came about. 

#MyRedLine brings in Afghans from all walks of life, from

prominent Afghan citizens, to women and men, young and old, of every ethnicity,

from cities, towns and villages across the nation. As Farahnaz continues:  #MyRedLine starts a movement where every citizen

of this country can say freely and openly how going back to the times when

women were oppressed and humiliated is not an option for them, and it will not

be an option for a peaceful Afghanistan.

Aleta Miller, UN Women Country Representative in

Afghanistan, emphasized: Now more than ever is the time to set the foundations

on which the future of a peaceful Afghanistan is being built. And this future is

being built with women like Farahnaz standing for their rights, for their right

to study, for their right to vote, for their right to have an opinion, for

their right to express freely which lines they are not willing to cross.

#MyRedLine is about the expression of the voice of Afghan women and men to each

other and to the world on the peace they so desperately desire. 

Globally, UN Women supports women at all levels of society

who create movements to uplift women’s voices, experiences, and expertise to

create structural and systematic change across all layers of society.  Now more than ever, unprecedented momentum is

being built as women in Afghanistan gather in local, national, regional and

international forums to articulate their priorities for peace and concrete

recommendations for the way forward on justice, security, and all issues

related to building and sustaining peace. It is in this context that UN Women

is working with women’s civil society organizations and leaders to ensure that

not only are women’s voices heard, but their recommendations and priorities

influence all decisions regarding the future of Afghanistan.

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