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Pakistan spends more than Rs 43 billion on Pak- Afghan border fence

17 Mar 2019 Pasbanan

Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

Pakistani newspapers have said that senior Pakistani officials now allocate more than 43 billion Pakistan rupees to construction of border bases and fence in Durand line. Pakistani media have continued to report that the figure for the fiscal year 2019-2020 has already been considered. Pakistani media has also stated that last year Islamabad has spent at least 11.43 billion Pakistani rupees for a certain period of time on a fencing on the border with Afghanistan.

Of the total sum of 43.8 billion Pakistani rupees, at least 11.3 billion of the total amount is expected to be spent on border fencing and border checkpoints construction in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s border line, and the rest of this amount would spent on the Pakistani border forces. Reports suggest that Islamabad has now managed to fence 400 kilometers from the Durand line, an issue that the Afghan government does not agree with, and several times they have stated that fencing is a factor in increasing tensions between the two countries.

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