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Mullah Zaeef`s haouse in Kabul not surrounded

17 Mar 2019 Raha Press

The source said that the move happened on Saturday night after

Zaeef came from southern Kandahar province and still continues. Zaeef

participated in recent US and Taliban talks in Doha.


area was under siege since 1am and the soldiers did not let them get in and now

the elders have been informed, and the problem is solved now,” Zaeef told

TOLOnews, adding that “I have no idea whether it was planned on my house.”


sources said that last night they searched a house close to Mullah Abdul Salam

Zaeef’s residence and that the news of about the siege on Zaeef’s house is not



Rahimi, spokesman for Ministry of Interior, said the news of surrounding Mullah

Zaeef’s house is not true. 


said the Kabul Garrison forces conducted an operation to arrest Mullah Tokhi, a

wanted criminal and a land grabber, whose house is located close to that of

Mullah Zaeef. 


said Mullah Tokhi was arrested in the operation and that a number of weapons

were confiscated from his house. 


was Taliban’s ambassador to Pakistan before the US invasion of Afghanistan.


was detained in Pakistan in the fall of 2001 and held until 2005 in the

Guantanamo Bay detainment camp. The United Nations removed Zaeef from its list

of terrorists in July 2010.


the US invasion, Zaeef was forced to end his news conferences, seized by

Pakistani authorities, and handed over to American operatives.


was released from Guantanamo in the summer of 2005. He has started a normal

life in Kabul and also continued his political activities.

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