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Things You Can Anonymously Ship to Your Enemies—FOR REAL!

23 Mar 2019 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

These businesses exist around the world and they are making money.

Ship your

enemies glitter covered horse manure. This is how the company, Ship Your

Enemies Glitter, describes their product: “Our custom cupcake

presentation, with a farm made horse manure ‘batter,’ sprinkled with glitter,

packed in a heart themed box and surrounded with toilet paper. NO it’s not

edible!”ShitExpress allows you to

use bitcoin to anonymously send poop (horse poop again) to your enemies. Shit

business is booming for sure! Oh, and there is also

PoopSenders company. Their current offerings are cow poop, elephant poop,

gorilla poop, 1-gallon combo poop pack, in case you really really hate someone.

This is some serious shit, guys. A company called WTF

Candles offers sending prank candles to your enemies. These candles start off

smelling great, but gradually transform into disgusting odor emitters. Some of

the products are: Apple Pie to Dirty Fart Prank Candle, Baby Powder to Baby

Diaper Prank Candle, Clean Laundry to Sweaty Gym Socks Prank Candle. And last but not the least Ship

Your Friends Nothing lets you send empty packages to your enemies. There’s

nothing sadder than receiving mail and finding out there’s nothing inside.

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