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Salaam reduces internet prices, 1GB at 49 afghanis: minister

14 Apr 2019 1TV News

2019-04-14 | 3 minute ago

Afghan telecommunication company Salaam has reduced internet prices offering 1GB at 49 afghanis, a government minister has said.

The reduction is announced amid rising customer complaints via social media about telecommunication services.

It is compared to 144 afghanis for 1GB Salaam has offered.

Afghan Minister of Telecommunications and IT Shahzad Gul Aryoubi, said that 3GB internet is now being offered at 120 afghanis.

He said that in case telecommunication companies and internet firms are willing to reduce price of their data plans, the ministry is ready to offer 40 percent discount through Afghan Telecom company.

Referring to selling of illegal SIM cards, Aryoubi said that 24,979 such SIM cards have been seized since launch of the campaign across the country late last month.

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