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Bamyani Farmers Urge Gov't to Support

15 Apr 2019 The Killid Group

Bamyan (The Killid) – A number of farmers in Bamyan province complained over lack of facilities for nurturing plants and limitations to provide waters resources for their fields, as they called the challenges some of the main factors that let farmlands go dry – zero plantation.

Some farmers have suffered bankruptcy up to AFN50,000 last year, as they could not plant in their field due to lack of water.

According to farmers, this season's downpours could somewhat help and provided their needs of water; but still are concern over lack of waters in top hills of the mountains, where water cannot stay still – government should have provided canals or dams to storing downpours for farming.

"Our field gets dry and we cannot save water," said Mohammad Aziz, a local farmer. "Our canals should be cemented so the land could not suck the water and prevent it from drying."

"My suggestion is that government should help us, provide us farming vehicles and staff, said Ali Khan, another farmer.

Meanwhile, head of provincial directorate for agriculture said there is no exact figures on the number of lands that are left with zero plantations; but added officials have initiated several projects to responds to the needs of local farmers.

·        MAIL Vows to Offer 200M to Bamyan Farmers

Provincial directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, in cooperation with the Agricultural Development Fund, vow to offer AFN200m for more than 2,000 formers in this year.

Abdul Wahab Mohammadi, Head of provincial director of MAIL, said the initiatives aim to support farmers in their bid for better economy, adding this program has been implemented in past eight year that resulted to a considerable impact on farmers’ economy.

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