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Imran Khan Demands Funding from UAE to Overcome Pakistan’s Backwardness

16 Apr 2019 Ariana News Agency

Imran Khan asked the governor of Dubai to financially support Pakistan for the failures in cultural and industrial fields, sources say.

Ariana News Agency-

According to sources close to Dubai’s Governor Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan seeks to make the governor satisfied by calling him a true pattern for Pakistan leaders and demanded him to help his country for compensating the financial deficits.

As Pakistan’s budget deficit is recently led to debates, its government tries to decrease the pressure on its foreign accounts and receive long term facilities from UAE by not demanding any money for exporting crude oil and byproducts to UAE for 12 months.

In his demand from the ruler of Dubai, Imran Khan has emphasized on his countries’ need-to-help situation in industrial and cultural fields and pleaded support from the ruler.

Experts say, Imran Khan hopes get as much as financial support from UAE by bringing damage to the history of Pakistan’s people and their culture.


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