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Afghan artifact exhibitions in China demonstrate Sino-Afghan friendship

16 Apr 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The exhibitions of

Afghan artifacts and relics in China clearly demonstrated the good neighborhood

and friendship between the two countries, Chief Curator of Afghan National

Museum Ainuddin Sedaqat has said.

According to Xinhua, the

exhibitions of Afghan artifacts and relics in China clearly demonstrated the

good neighborhood and friendship between the two countries, Chief Curator of

Afghan National Museum Ainuddin Sedaqat has said.

“Since March 2017, 231

pieces of our artifacts reflecting a range of civilizations including

Greek-Bactrian (250 BC-125 BC) and Kushan dynasty (30 AD-375 AD) are in display

in different cities of the People’s Republic of China and we the Afghans are

thankful to the Chinese government and its people for the cooperation,” Sedaqat

told Xinhua in an interview recently.

The official described the

ongoing exhibitions in Chinese cities as a sign of “Sino-Afghan

friendship,” noting that the Afghan artifacts after arriving in China were

put on display in the historic Palace Museum in mid March.

Sedaqat, who accompanied the

artifacts to Beijing, told Xinhua that more than 8,000 tourists including

Chinese and foreigners visited the Afghan relics in Palace Museum each day to

get knowledge on Afghan history and its civilization.

“Afghan land was peaceful

in the past centuries. It was cradle of civilizations and our artifacts are the

proof to the fact,” said Sedaqat. He said the war and chaotic situation in

Afghanistan today has been imposed on Afghans who are peace-loving and diligent


The curator said there are

many objects among Afghan relics that mirror the Sino-Afghan good neighborhood

and cordial relations in ancient times including the Silk Road era.

The artifacts named Bakhtar

treasure, which represent civilizations ranging from Bronze Age to Kushan

dynasty and Hellenistic period (323 BC-31 BC), had earlier been put on display

in over a dozen countries and regions including Germany, Italy, France, the

Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Britain, according

to the official.

Since March 2017, the

treasures have been displayed in several Chinese cities including Beijing and

Dunhuang and soon will be displayed in Nanjing, said Sedaqat.

Sedaqat also expressed his

satisfaction with the current condition of the Afghan National Museum, saying

the entity has been repaired and renovated as many of the smuggled items have

been returned from some countries. On average more than 200 people tour the

museum daily, which is home to more than 60,000 relics, Sedaqat said.

According to the official, the

museum was badly damaged and looted during the bloody factional conflicts in

the 1990s in Kabul and adjoining provinces.

The Taliban outfit also

vandalized the artifacts in Kabul and other provinces including the giant

Buddha in Bamiyan during its reign that collapsed in 2001.

However, the chief curator is

hopeful that the museum will soon retain its prestigious position in the


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