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Suspects Sentenced To Death For Killing Journalist In Kandahar

16 Apr 2019 Tolo News

The Attorney General’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday that two suspects were sentenced to death for killing a journalist in Kandahar, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

Arghand had worked for Kabul News TV for a number of years. He also reportedly worked for China’s state news agency Xinhua.

Arghand was “murdered” by two men in Kandahar province in the south of Afghanistan last year on April 25, according to the statement.

The court announced its verdict on the case on April 6, the Attorney General’s Office said in the statement.

The case was handed to a court in Kabul after requests by Arghand’s family and Afghanistan Journalists Federation, the statement said.

The statement says that the Attorney General’s Office has assessed at least 50 cases of violence against journalists and it remains committed to supporting the freedom of press and journalists.

The Attorney General’s Office remains committed to addressing cases of violence against journalists thoroughly.

This comes as Afghanistan has ranked among deadliest countries for journalists.

The Afghan government has said it is committed to supporting journalists and freedom of the press. However, reports show that journalists are still facing different kinds of threats.

Government’s statistics show that there are 96 TV channels, 65 radio stations and 911 print media in Kabul, as well as 107 TV channels, 284 radio stations, and 416 print media in other provinces. He says there are 1,879 active media outlets in Afghanistan which are called as one of the main achievements of the country in the past 18 years.

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