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Activists March In Balkh To Protect Women’s Rights

17 Apr 2019 Tolo News

A number of women’s rights activists and students organized a street show in Mazar city in Balkh on Tuesday to voice their concerns against “an increase” in violence against women in the country.

Members of the rally said women’s role should be taken into consideration in the political and economic spheres. 


Farzana Mohammadi, a female officer who serves in the ranks of Afghan National Army, said Afghan women can play a bigger role in different sectors. 

“I personally believe that the opportunities which are available for Afghan women today are not sufficient and I believe that all women in the country have a similar idea about it. Violence still exists in some remote regions of Afghanistan, still, the government keeps a distant approach towards it, violence continues. We hope for the day when the Afghan women are provided with all the rights they deserve,” Mohammadi said. 

The rally also followed an exhibition reflecting the plight of the Afghan women. 

“The rally is aimed at promoting awareness among those women who are still deprived of their rights in society, those women are still not allowed to go out of their homes,” said event organizer Negina. 

“Some women who live in urban areas have received some of their rights, but we want to raise the voice of those women who live in other areas of the city and are suffering. They should be given their rights,” said Muzhda, a student. 

Masooma Rahimi, Chairperson of Afghan Women Network in Balkh said several kangaroo courts were reported in the northern regions of Afghanistan over the past six months. She said women are faced with different types of violence.

“We need to forge solidarity among ourselves and be united to get our rights,” Masooma said. 

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