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List Of Qatar Delegation ‘Not All-Inclusive’: Say Critics

16 Apr 2019 Tolo News

Hours after the Afghan government announced a “finalized” list of Qatar delegation, some critics said the 250-member list requires to be inclusive and that it should represent people from all over the country.

The list shows that 90 delegates have introduced by political parties and movements and 150 others have been introduced by government. It includes 52 women.

The list also includes the names of former Jihadi leaders and former senior officials of government including Ismail Khan, Atta Mohammad Noor, and Mohammad Yunus Qanooni.

The names of close aides of former President Hamid Karzai and Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar are on the list, but the names of Karzai and Hekmatyar are not seen in the list.

From the 18 presidential candidates, only the name of Mohammad Haneef Atmar is on the list. A number of journalists and activists are also part of the delegation.

“Our expectation is that the list for intra-Afghan dialogue should be inclusive so that all political parties and politicians can see themselves involved in the process,” said Qadir Shah, a spokesman for the Peace and Moderation election ticket led by former National Security Advisor and presidential candidate Mohammad Haneef Atmar.

“The rift is over the part of the list which has been prepared by political parties as they have not sorted it out properly and have prepared it based on favoritism and it is not acceptable for us,” said Ahmadullah Alizai, former governor of Kabul and a close aide to ex-president Hamid Karzai.

Meanwhile, Atta Mohammad Noor, former governor of Balkh and CEO of Jamiat-e-Islami party, said they "dismiss" the list of Qatar delegation. 

"We dismiss the government's published list of attendees for the upcoming Doha peace talks. The list includes Arg’s favored candidates, government officials and those with no base. The list ignores social balance and the presence of the Jihad and resistance faction, as an important side," Noor said in a tweet.

He said that they support the ongoing efforts for peace by US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, but added that "we will not attend the talks".  

President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said that the list includes people from all layers of the society.

“The list of the Afghan government for Doha conference, which includes members introduced by political parties, independent political figures, and relevant institutions and represents all layers of Afghan society, was finalized today,” President Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said.

A former Taliban member Mawlawi Qalamuddin said the rift over the list should end.

“They should avoid a brawl, they take advantage of the opportunity which will see the end of the bloodsheds,” said Qalamuddin.

President Ghani’s Special Envoy Umer Daudzai said last week that Qatar meeting is a platform for exchanging views on issues around the peace process between Afghans and the Taliban members.

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