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Taliban mocks government over list of 250 delegates for Qatar talks

17 Apr 2019 The Khaama Press News Agency

The Taliban group has mocked the Afghan government over the list of 250 delegates for Qatar talks, saying ‘the creators of the list must realize that this is an orderly and prearranged conference in a far-away Gulf country and not an invitation to some wedding or other party at a hotel in Kabul.’

The group has also claimed that the government has fears regarding such

gatherings and progress made in peace efforts.

“The Kabul administration has published a list of 250

participants for the said conference but the hosts of this conference have no

plans of accepting so many people from Kabul and neither is such participation

normal in such conferences,” Taliban said in a statement earlier today.

The statement further added that “Only a limited number of political and

national figures from this list are selected for the finalized list and only

they shall be participating.”

The government on Tuesday released the initial list of individuals who are

due to participate in talks with the Taliban group in Qatar.

Presidential spokesperson Shah Hussain Murtazawi sid the

individuals have been introduced by political parties, intendent political

figures, and other institutions and departments.

Murtazawi further added that the names of the

representatives of political parties, political figures, Jihadi leaders,

families of victims, high peace council, Ulemas, parliament, civil society,

women, youths, journalists, governmental officials, and tribal elders have been

included in the list.

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