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Taliban have no choice but to negotiate with Afghan government: Ghani

17 Apr 2019 1TV News

2019-04-17 | 46 minute ago

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday called on delegation for talks with the Taliban to convince the group that they have no choice but to negotiate with the Afghan government.

This comes as the Taliban have said that no one could speak on behalf of the government in the upcoming meeting scheduled to begin on Friday in Qatar capital Doha.

Ghani also called for unity in engaging with the Taliban.

“It is not about we and you, we should all become we,” Ghani said stressing on preserving gains.

The president said that Afghans are physically and mentally exhausted by suicide attacks, bombings, firings and bombardments.

“Steel would be melt if it was in our position,” Ghani said.

“The key to ending hopelessness is in our hands, let us accept each other,” the president said.

Ghani said that a historic opportunity has been created for Afghans resolve their longstanding problems with deep deliberation and discussions.

“As a sovereign nation, will take decisions which would satisfy Allah and which would be in the interest of the Afghan nation,” Ghani said noting that power is a tool not a goal.

Ghani said that there will be no winner or loser in political settlement.

He said that the no one outside the framework of the Afghan government could represent the nation.

The president called on the delegation to share Afghanistan’s realities, hopes, pains and views with the Taliban.

“Get to know them and allow them to know you,” Ghani said as he emphasized on respect and tolerance.

He also called on the delegation to discuss continuation of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, need for prevalence of laws and strengthening institutions.

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