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At Least 400 Schools Remain Closed Countrywide: Minister

17 Apr 2019 Tolo News

Officials from the Ministry of Education said that around 400 schools have remained closed around the country due to insecurity and other incidents. 

Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi said attacks on schools in different parts of the country, especially in rural areas, have been one of the biggest challenges for the ministry. 

“We have permanently closed schools, mid-terms closed schools and short-term closed schools, and this depends on the situation,” Balkhi said. 

This comes as two schools were destroyed by unknown armed men on the outskirts of Farah province, preventing at least 2,000 students from education. 

“People had shared the issue with a number of Taliban members who support education and the issue was shared with the Quetta shura as well and then they allowed the schools to be opened. But unfortunately, again a number of people who are against girls' education, detonated the schools,” Shah Mahmood Naeemi, deputy head of Farah provincial council said. 

“The students were normally going to school and female teachers were teaching them,” said Mohammad Azimi, head of Farah Education Directorate.

Education ministry’s statistics show that around 18,000 schools are active around the country. 

At least 300 schools which were closed for many years were reopened in 2018, the statistics show. 

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