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Taliban Claims Car-Bomb Attack In Kabul

17 Mar 2018 Radio Free Europe

Afghan officials say at least three people have been killed and two others wounded in a suicide car-bomb attack in Kabul. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast that hit the Despechari area in eastern Kabul early on March 17. The latest attack comes amid growing pressure on the Taliban to accept the Afghan government's offer of peace talks to end the 16-year conflict.

Undocumented In Iran: One Family's Story

15 Mar 2018 Radio Free Europe

Hanieh and Ali fell in love and got married three years ago, despite their families' objections. But Ali, the son of Afghan refugees, has no residency papers in Iran, and neither does the couple's young daughter. Now separated as Ali seeks asylum in Germany, the two told their stories to RFE/RL Radio Farda contributor Masih Alinejad.

An Afghan Toddler Named Donald Trump

14 Mar 2018 Radio Free Europe

Donald Trump, age 1 1/2, lives in Kabul. He enjoys playing ball and pounding on his dad's computer. His father, Sayed Assadullah, chose the name because he was impressed with the future U.S. president's books and success in business. But his relatives were less than pleased to have a Donald Trump in the family.